We're All Mad Here.
I answer them most mysteriously, "Are birds free from the chains of the skyway?"

I can't stop making playlists

This one is one of my favorites so far. Check it out, if you want! ;) download it here
We're All Mad Here.
We're All Mad Here. Oct 18, 2010

Another Playlist

Mellow with a little bit of a kick. download it here, if interested.
We're All Mad Here.
We're All Mad Here. Sep 19, 2010

Sixpack France and R. Crumb = AWESOME.

So I've recently come across these awesome shirts, by Sixpack France, that include artwork by Robert Crumb, the famous cartoonist. I've been reading a lot…
We're All Mad Here.
We're All Mad Here. Sep 04, 2010

Brand New Mix

I've always loved making playlists. Here's another one for you. I made this one for someone who is following me on tumblr. click here to download…

I make playlists!

I present to you my "I-went-to-sleep-too-late-last-night-and-got-up-at-2-in-the-afternoon-today" playlist. download it here if you want. ;)

I've got the creative bug.

I made myself two new tshirts today: The Beatles Danny Aykroyd as Leonard Pinth-Garnell from SNL. I plan on making more in the next few days. Look…

Carlos Ramos solo exhibition

I came across this article on slashfilm.com and I just needed to post this here for you guys! Carlos Ramos, an artist who is best known…
We're All Mad Here.
We're All Mad Here. Jul 06, 2010

Germany beat Argentina 4-0 and is continuing to the next round of the World Cup!

I am so happy right now. So very happy. I got up early today for the sole purpose of watching Germany play Argentina in the…

Things I'm enjoying at the moment.

Thigh High Socks. Thick ones. Thin ones. Plain ones. Colored ones. ALL SORTS. I can't get enough of them.
We're All Mad Here.
We're All Mad Here. Jun 29, 2010

"Love Can Tame The Wild."

I'm not sure what has brought me back to Buzznet, but here I am! and at 3:11am too. I always seem to be up late…
favorite mugpic

Layers and Inspiration.

"Now the rain's like gravel on old tin roofand the Burlinton Northern's pullin' out of the worldwith a head full of bourbon and a dream…
We're All Mad Here.
We're All Mad Here. Dec 12, 2008
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I like Rock 'N Roll, fashion, french new wave films, photography, and the swinging 60s.


60s, 70s punk, being half mexican, being wild, british comedy, cameras, cigarettes, coffee, conspiracy theories, dresses, film, friends., ghosts, han solo, ink, lazy afternoons, rock shows, snail mail, tea, the city, the spanish inquisition, themed parties, tunes

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8½, Fargo, Goodfellas, Repulsion, boogie nights, dr, etc, evil dead 2, strangelove, taxi driver, the big lebowski

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Arrested Development, Breaking Bad, Flight Of The Conchords, Freaks and Geeks, Spaced, Star Trek, Twin Peaks

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